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SBIC Governance > By Laws > The Constitution of the Council
7 The Constitution of the Council
7.1 The Council shall consist of the following:

(a) Officers:


(i) the President;


(ii) the President-Elect;


(iii) the Treasurer;


(iv) the Secretary
who shall be ex officio Members of Council.

(b) Eight Elected Members of the Council; and

(c) Such Additional Members, if any, as may be appointed by the Council in accordance with Article 7.2.

7.2 The Council may at any time appoint any member as an Additional Member of the Council to serve for such period as the Council may at the time of the appointment determine, but so that at no time shall there be more than four Additional Members of the Council pursuant to any such appointment and no Additional Members of the Council may stay in office at an Additional Member of Council beyond the conclusion of the second Annual General Meeting after his/her appointment.
7.3 The persons holding the offices listed in Article 7.1(a) shall so long as they hold such offices be the Officers of the Society and are herein termed "the Officers".
7.4 Unless he/she has been appointed in accordance with Article 8.17 to fill a casual vacancy no retiring Officer may be re-elected or reappointed to any office within one year after ceasing to hold that office provided always that nothing in this Article shall prevent the President-Elect succeeding as President in the manner contemplated by these Articles.
7.5 (a) Any person may hold the office of Secretary and Treasurer at the same time if successfully nominated or elected to both offices.

(b) Subject to Article 7.5(a) no person may hold office as two Officers at the same time.



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