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SBIC Governance > By Laws > Regional Organisation
Regional Organisation
20.1 Regions shall be formed by Standing Order of the Council for the purpose of furthering the object of the Society at a regional level and for any other purpose within the object of the Society that the Council may from time to time determine. Regions may be continents, subcontinents, and associations of countries or countries.
20.2 (a) The Council shall ensure that arrangements are made so that meetings of members may be held in various localities and that the objects of the Society are promoted in regions for the convenience of members resident therein. To this end the Council may approve by Standing Order the formation within the boundaries of any Region Regional Committees with such boundaries, officers, members and rules as may be considered appropriate to each area, and shall encourage and assist collaboration between such. The Regional Committee may make monies available to assist the work of the Regions, and shall require annually a factual report on the activities of each Region, together with a financial statement showing income and expenditure arising from such activities.

(b) The Council may establish and delegate powers to any Regional Committee, to such an extent and subject to such conditions as the Council may determine.

20.3 In areas other than those within a Region, the Council may appoint a Regional Representative who shall have duties similar to those of the Regional Committee.



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