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SBIC Governance > By Laws > Powers of the Council


16 Powers of the Council
16.1 The Council shall manage and superintend the affairs of the Society and shall exercise all the powers conferred upon it by the Memorandum and Articles and generally all such powers as are not by the Memorandum and Articles required to be exercised by the members in General Meeting.
16.2 (a) The Council may appoint Boards and Committees, and may delegate to such Boards and Committees such of its powers as it may think fit, and may also dissolve them. The constitution of each Board or Committee, and the appointment and tenure of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and members thereof, and the quorum for the transaction of its business, shall be determined by the Council.

Every Board or Committee appointed under this Article shall report to the Council, and shall, in the exercise of the powers delegated to it, conform to such regulations or directions as the Council may, by Standing Orders or otherwise, from time to time prescribe or impose. Vacancies occurring on any Board or Committee shall be filled in such manner as the Council may determine.

(b) The main Boards or Committees appointed by the Council to exercise delegated executive powers shall be up to six in number and their Chairman shall be ex officio Council Members in accordance with Articles 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3.

16.3 The Council and its Boards and Committees, and the Divisional Councils, may also co-operate with any other body or bodies having objects similar in whole or in part to those of the Society in carrying out any scheme or schemes where combined action with any such body or bodies is considered to be desirable, and may appoint a representative or representatives to serve on any Joint Board or Committee which may be established under the provisions of any agreed scheme.
16.4 The Council may delegate to any such Joint Board or Committee any of the powers of the Council requiring to be exercised by such Joint Board or Committee for the effective carrying out of any such scheme, including authority to incur expenditure within specified limits on behalf of the Society in furtherance of any such scheme to such an extent and subject to such conditions as the Council may determine. Any such Joint Board or Committee shall obtain the sanction of the Council prior to any changes of policy or developments that may involve the Society in expenditure beyond that already authorised.
16.5 Any bank account in which any part of the assets of the Society is deposited shall be operated by the Council Members and shall indicate the name of the Society. All cheques and orders for the payment of money from such account shall be signed by at least two Council Members.



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