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SBIC Governance > By Laws > Members


2 Members
2.1 The subscribers to the Memorandum and such other persons or organisations as are admitted to membership in accordance with the Articles shall be members of the Society. No person shall be admitted a member of the Society unless his/her application for membership is approved by the Council Members under the Articles.
2.2 Unless and until the Articles shall otherwise provide the members of the Society shall be divided into categories comprising Members, Student Members and Honorary Members.
2.3 Each applicant for admission to membership of the Society shall sign and send to the Secretary the following declaration:

"I, the undersigned, do hereby declare that while a member of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, I shall endeavour to promote the interests and welfare of the Society and shall observe the provisions of its Memorandum and Articles of Association and any regulations made there under and to the best of my ability maintain the dignity of the Society for as long as I shall continue to be a member thereof

2.4 Signature of this declaration shall record a member's acquiescence in all rules and regulations of the Society.
2.5 Student membership shall normally be reserved for those persons registered for an appropriate degree and not in receipt of a regular salary.
2.6 (a) The Council may admit to the Society as an Honorary Member any person who is distinguished in the science or profession of Biological Inorganic Chemistry or whom the Council may consider it desirable to admit as an Honorary Member for any other sufficient reason. The Council shall not delegate its powers under this Article 2.7.

(b) For the valid admission of an Honorary Member, or the revocation of such admission, at least two-thirds of the Members of the Council present and voting must give affirmative votes.

(c) The total number of Honorary Members shall not at any time exceed 5% of the total membership (excluding Honorary Members).

2.7 The qualifications, method and terms of admission, privilege and obligations including liability to expulsion or suspension of members shall be such as the Council may prescribe.
2.8 The Council Members shall alone have power to determine conclusively respecting each person proposed for or seeking admission to any category of membership or seeking transfer from one category of membership to another of the Society whether or not such conditions as are applicable have been fulfilled.
2.9 Subject to the Articles, the Council Members may in their absolute discretion permit any member of the Society to retire, provided that after such retirement the number of members is not less than two.
2.10 Membership of the Society entitles an individual to receive the Journal of the Society at no additional charge, together with other benefits as determined by the Council.
2.11 Any individual who has personally subscribed to the official journal of the Society, if personally interested, may apply for admission to membership of the Society. Such applications are subject to the conditions and procedures of this Article 2 and no additional membership subscription will be required.
2.12 Notwithstanding the above, the Council may, without requiring individual applications or sponsors, approve the admission to the Society of individuals who are members of any body having objects similar in whole or in part to those of the Society, provided that a resolution approving the general terms of such admission shall have been passed at a General Meeting of the Society.
2.13 Except in special circumstances determined by the Council, the resignation of a Member or Student Member shall be accepted only after payment of all monies due from him/her to the Society. Any person whose resignation as Member, or Student Member has been accepted may be readmitted, subject to him/her agreeing to comply with such conditions as the Council may impose.
2.14 Unless otherwise determined by the Council, any Member, or Student Member who, at the thirtieth day of November in any year has not paid the annual subscription having been applied for and with no reason satisfactory to the Council having been assigned for non-payment, shall cease to be a Member, or Student Member of the Society. Nevertheless, the Council shall consider an application for readmission from any such person and may, if thought fit, readmit him/her as a Member, or Student Member on payment of the arrears of the individual subscription or such portion thereof as the Council may determine provided that the Council may at its discretion waive payment of such arrears of subscription.
2.15 The Council may expel from the Society, or suspend from membership for a period not exceeding two years any member who is:

(a) found guilty of any criminal offence involving fraud or dishonesty; or

(b) committed to prison for any other criminal offence; or

(c) shown to have flagrantly or persistently failed to observe these Articles; or

(d) held by the Council to have acted in a manner detrimental to the welfare of the Society.

2.16 Every member shall have the right:

(a) to be present and to vote at all General Meetings;

(b) to propose applications for admission as Honorary Members, or Student Members;

(c) to propose or support the nomination of candidates for election as Officers and Members of the Council;

(d) to be a candidate for election as an Officer or Member of the Council, subject to nomination in accordance with the relevant provisions of these Articles.

2.17 (a) Any member who is a bona fide student, a retiree, or otherwise not in receipt of a regular salary may be supplied with copies of the publications of the Society without charge or at a reduced charge, as may be determined by the Council. Honorary Members may at the discretion of the Council receive the publications of the Society without charge.

(b) Every member shall also be entitled to use the facilities of the Society under such regulations as the Council may make from time to time, provided that such facilities shall not be used for any purpose considered by the Council to be inconsistent with the objectives of the Society.

2.18 The Society may admit Associates who would not have the rights accorded by Articles 2.16 and 2.17(a) and would not be entitled to receive the Journal of the Society at no additional charge but would be eligible to receive other benefits as determined by the Council.
2.19 The amount of the annual subscription payable by any category of member or associate shall be determined by the Council from time to time and confirmed by resolution at a General Meeting, provided that the Council may without such confirmation and whenever it may consider it desirable to do so:

(a) increase the annual subscription payable by any category of member by not more than thirty per cent of the rate of subscription current at that time;

(b) in exceptional circumstances to be determined by the Council, either reduce or wholly remit the subscription payable by any individual member.

2.20 All annual subscriptions shall become due on the first day of January in every year, but an applicant admitted after the thirtieth day of September in any year shall not be required to pay the annual subscription for the year unless he/she desires to purchase the publications of the Society issued in respect of that year, or to receive the publications available to members without further charge since the first day of January in that year.



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