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Meetings and Conferences

grc-(1).png  Metals in Biology: Investigating, Replicating and Manipulating How Metals Interact with Organisms and the Environment
Jan 19-24, 2020, Ventura, CA
Chair Victoria J. DeRose
Vice Chair Kara L. Bren
Contact Chairs
grs-(1).png Bioinorganic Chemistry: Spectroscopic, Synthetic and Biochemical Approaches to Exploring the Reactivity of Metals in Biology
Gordon Research Seminar
January 23 - 26, 2020, Ventura, CA
Chairs Alex M. Confer and Richard I. Sayler
Contact Chairs

2020 Bioinorganic Workshop

May 29 - June 5, University Park, PA
The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Pennsylvania State University hosts every year the “Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology”. Each year, a program is developed relative to current research directions in the medical and molecular biological sciences. Because the research area of bioinorganic chemistry is strongly represented at Penn State, the bioinorganic group has been allowed to host this meeting every four years. The symposia hosted by the bioinorganic group have been termed “Frontiers in Metallobiochemistry” and have been offered since 2006. The two final public lectures of the 2010 workshop were given by Profs. Steve Lippard (MIT) and Harry Gray (Caltech) and have been recorded and can be streamed. The Frontiers on Metallobiochemistry symposia typically feature ~20-25 faculty talks and ~10 student/postdoc talks, as well as two 2-h poster sessions with ~100 posters.
FASEB Trace Elements in Biology and Medicine
May 31-Jun 5, 2020, Steamboat Springs, CO

Launched in 1983, this FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is dedicated to elucidating the role of trace elements in model organisms and mammals. This will be the 16th iteration of this meeting series.

This conference will continue the tradition of bringing together a broad range of scientists from different disciplines by including molecular and cellular biologists, microbiologists, geneticists, bioinorganic chemists, clinicians, physicians, and nutrition researchers.  
  Mitchell Knutson, PhD
Professor, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
  Martina Ralle, PhD
Associate Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA

grc-(2).png Metallocofactors: Bioinorganic Active Sites that Drive Challenging Chemical Conversions
June 7 - 12, 2020, Newport, RI
Chair Serena DeBeer
Vice Chair Kyle M. Lancaster
Contact Chairs
grc-(3).png Metals in Medicine: Advancing the Use of Metal-Based Compounds and Nanotheranostics for Personalized Medicine
June 28 - July 3, 2020
Proctor Academy, Andover, NH 
Chairs Edith (Phoebe) C. Glazer and Angela Casini
Vice Chairs Carolyn J. Anderson and Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair
Contact Chairs
spp.jpg International Conference on Porphyrins and Pthalocyanines (ICPP)
June 28-July 3, 2020, Buffalo, NY
Topics to be covered in microsymposia include the physics, chemistry, biology, material science, engineering, nanotechnology, medical and biomedical or industrial applications of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles.

As at past ICPPs, this eleventh conference on porphyrins and phthalocyanines aims at gathering together numerous topics related to this exciting family of molecules. All aspects of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles will be discussed in the form of Plenary Lectures, Award Lectures, short oral presentations and posters over the full five-day period of the meeting.
grc-(4).png Chemistry and Biology of Tetrapyrroles: The Roles of Tetrapyrroles in
Catalysis, Regulation, Metabolism and Disease
July 19 - 24, 2020, Newport, RI
Chair Emma Raven
Vice Chair Amy E. Medlock
Contact Chairs
15th European Biologic Inorganic Chemistry Conference (Eurobic 2020)
August 16th (Sun) – August 20th (Thu), 2020
in Haskolabio, Hagatorg
Reykjavik, Iceland
The European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBic) is a highly established international meeting that provides a major platform to present and discuss the latest developments in all fields at the interface between Inorganic Chemistry and the Life Sciences.



Local Organizing Committee
Prof. Sigridur Suman (co-chair, University of Iceland),
Prof. Krishna Damodaran (co-chair, University of Iceland)

Eurobic Conference Office
Benjamín Sveinbjörnsson (Conference Office, webmaster, printed matter)
Hafdis I. Ingvarsdottir (sponsoring)
Gerður R. Rúnarsdottir (sponsoring)
Þóra Katrín Kristinsdóttir (sponsoring)
Sena events (Conference Organizer)
Hlín Eyglóardóttir (webmaster)

National Advisory Committee
Guðmundur G. Haraldsson,Professor, U Iceland 
Petur O. Heiðarsson, Associate Professor, University of Iceland
Hannes Jonsson, Professor, University of Iceland
Magnús Már Kristjánsson, Professor, University of Iceland
Snorri Þór Sigurðsson; Professor, University of Iceland 

Eurobic Organizing Committee
Eva Freisinger (Switzerland)
Michael Hannon (UK)
Stephan Ménage (France)
Zoe Pikramenou (UK)


September 22-25, 2020

LABIC meetings have been held biannually since 2008. Brazil has played an important role in consolidating this meeting and the first three conferences were celebrated in this country. The IV LABIC was held in Argentina in 2014, the V LABIC in Mexico in 2016 and the VI LABIC in Brazil in 2018.

The VII LABIC meeting in Montevideo will provide a forum for discussion of the latest developments in Biological Inorganic Chemistry and it will promote interactions among Latin American scientists in this field. An exciting program including a group of confirmed speakers from all over the world is being built to attract participants from Latin America but also from other regions. You will also have the opportunity to appreciate our country and the Uruguayan hospitality.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I invite you to join us at VII LABIC in 2020.I will be looking forward to welcoming you in Uruguay.

Dr. Dinorah Gambino
Chair of VII LABIC
Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Facultad de Química, Universidad de la República
Montevideo, Uruguay


10th Asian Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (ASBIC-10) 
October 25– 29, 2020
in Guilin, China

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